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Welcome to the World of Gmoot

Gmoot is an NFT project and creative launchpad built on the Solana blockchain. Originally minted in September 2021, Gmoot features hundreds of unique attributes that create 10,000 unique characters in a fantastic universe.
Gmoot is iconically text-based, which can be confusing to some. Because a core value of the Gmoot project and community is creativity and creation, we want Gmoot holders to visualize each character on their own terms. It strengthens the bond between holder and NFT while promiting communal worldbuilding.
Gmoot went under a leadership change in February 2022, sparking a "revival" of the project. Currently, a game and several web-based tools are under development as well as a rich roadmap for the rest of 2022 and beyond! Details can be found in our Discord.


Gmoot Arcade

A browser-based hangout spot where your Gmoots are visualized as pixelated avatars. The Gmoot Arcade acts as a central hub for Gmoot holders to chat and connect to other Gmoot experiences.


Gmoot Toons

Ever wish Gmoots were more than text? Gmoot Toons is an avatar generator that creates unique PFPs based on the Gmoots in a connected wallet.


Gmoot Dungeons

Use Gmoots and Gmoot Keys to "lock up" your favorite non-Gmoot NFTs in this browser-based NFT showcase. Higher level Gmoot Keys get more prominent showcase spots.


Escape from Graevis

A dynamic first-person dungeon crawler full of unique enemies, procedurally generated prisons, rich graphics, and fast-paced gameplay! Currently under development, release date TBD.

... and more to come!

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